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How Does Email Marketing Drive Customer Engagement and Repeat Business?


Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy that is been around for decades. Some marketers have called it a dead marketing asset, but this is not the case. Email marketing is still regarded as one of the most successful marketing techniques for increasing client engagement and retention.

Email is used by 81% of small firms for client acquisition and 80% for customer retention. These figures are compelling enough to justify using email to increase engagement and repeat business. Experienced marketers understand that email marketing and social media marketing work in tandem to help your organisation grow.

In this blog, we will share information on how email marketing strategies can help build customer engagement and retain customers.

Email marketing strategies to build customer engagement and repeat business: 

  • Building a community:

Developing a community generates a foundation of devoted consumers who are invested in your business. People who love your brand will naturally promote it and share their positive experiences with your service or product. This can result in higher engagement and client retention. This excellent customer engagement marketing tactic can enhance your business’s trust, especially in B2B. 

  • Providing exclusive content:

With an email marketing strategy, you can regularly send emails exclusive to your subscribers. With this, you can keep your brand on top of your targeted customer’s mind and provide valuable information to your audience too. You can also establish your brand as an industry leader and build more trust by providing information content via mail.

  • Offer promotion & discounts:

Email marketing allows businesses to deliver personalized offers and discounts to subscribers. This conversion-driven email marketing strategy can motivate your customers to take the desired action. This is a great repeat business technique. Special offers can also be personalized further by targeting based on behavioural and the user’s past action analysis

One of the best features of email marketing is its ability to tailor its message according to groups. Segmentation means dividing your audience into smaller groups based on demographics, past purchases, interest and pain points etc. Segmentation can deliver more relevant and engaging emails, resulting in better business engagement. 

  • Email automation:

Email automation can also help drive customer retention by segmenting your target audience effectively. The best example of email automation is observed in e-commerce websites, where you receive an email after card abandonment. This is a perfect way to remind your users about the purchases, engage with them and boost sales. 

  • Personalization in email marketing:

Personalization in any form of marketing can make an audience feel more valued. Email marketing allows for more behavioural targeting and personalization compared to social media.

With behavioural targeting in email campaigns, they can design content that resonates more with the target audience and maximizes the conversion potential. With email content optimization, you can use the customer’s first name or relate the email according to their previous purchase to create a more personal connection.

It is essential to measure the effectiveness of your email marketing strategy and tweaking it as required. This means tracking key metrics such as CTR, conversion rates, and open rates. 

For more information on these metrics, read our blog: Everything you need to know about CTR: The Secret To More Clicks and Sales

How can we help in email marketing?

An effective email marketing strategy requires expertise and proper tactics. A lot of times, this can be challenging for a busy profession. That is when we come in: 

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What is the rule of 7 in email marketing?

The rule of 7 is a common marketing rule which states that a potential customer must see your brand presence/ content at least 7 times before they decide to make a purchase.

Does email design matter?

Yes, your email design can improve the engagement of your email. No matter how effective your written copy is, without presenting it in a visually appealing manner, it is difficult to be engaging to your target audience.

What is email design?

Email design is the process of creating a visually appealing email that is also appealing to your target audience. The main purpose of an email design is to deliver the message to your target audience in a more eye-catching and engaging manner.

What is email marketing data?

Email marketing data refers to data collected after email marketing analysis. Conversion rate, Average order value, CTR, ROI, bounce rate, open rate, and email sharing/forwarding rates are commonly collected data from email marketing campaigns.

How does email marketing work?

Email marketing uses emails to connect and engage with the target audience directly. It involves sending direct promotional or informational content to your probable customers.