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Industries We Serve

We specifically cater to companies into Business to Business(B2B), Healthcare domain, Training Industry and Manufacturing space by offering fast and smart digital solutions to better engage with audiences, enrich brand identities and open up brand new avenues for revenue generation. We ensure that we are fully invested in your success with timely solutions, strong subject knowledge and expertise.


Software services, Software products,  Event management, Finance, Project Management Consultants, Technology, Human Resource companies, Audit and compliance consultants


Steel, chemicals, rubber, furniture, electrical fittings, plastics, consumer durables, machinery, fabrication, semi conductors, transformers, paints.


Dentistry, cosmetology, bariatrics, ophthalmology, orthopedics, Ayurveda, physiotherapy, dermatology, alternative therapy

Education and Training

Schools, colleges, universities, leadership coach, business coach, trainers, skill development, training associations,  software training, NLP, Training events.

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