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In need of cost-effective ads for your B2B brand?

Get discovered with highly targeted ads by the 4P Solutions, a leading B2B digital agency.


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The 4P Approach

As one of Mumbai's leading digital marketing agencies, we understand that everyone’s needs differ. So, we provide an account-based marketing approach for B2B brands.

Being an expert SEO and SMM company in B2B advertising, we align your PPC ad campaigns with SMM and SEO strategies to achieve business goals for B2B brands in India. With our in-house expert website-building team, 4P has the power to design conversion-optimized, UI/UX-friendly landing pages for B2B lead generation. We maximize your ad spend, define metrics, and choose KPIs such as CTR, CPC, CPA, etc., aligned with your brand’s strategic goals.

PPC Approaches

Our data-driven PPC services are an excellent addition to your SEO strategy, making your brand appear first on Search engine pages.

As a top social media marketing firm, our B2B social media advertising brings value to our SMM campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin, driving targeted traffic and delivering impactful results.

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FAQ's :

What is PPC?

  • Pay-per-click (PPC) is a targeted marketing strategy that is hugely result-driven. In this kind of advertising, the advertiser pays for each time the ad is clicked.
  • In B2B PPC campaigns with excellent ad copy, design, and targeting, optimizing the landing page and sales funnel is equally essential.A well-optimized landing page elevates the conversion rates of your PPC campaigns
  • As an expert B2B digital marketing agency in India, our PPC paid ad campaigns are designed per your marketing budget to influence search users to take meaningful actions that benefit your business.

How will PPC help you grow your business?

PPC can drive targeted traffic to your website. You can reach a specific audience interested in your products or services through strategically crafted ads. Overall, PPC provides a measurable way to increase brand awareness, website traffic, and, ultimately, boost sales or conversions.

How do PPC and SEO work together collaboratively to grow your business?

PPC and SEO work collaboratively to enhance your business’s overall digital presence and growth. PPC advertising focuses on immediate visibility by placing targeted ads in search engine results. Together, both these strategies can improve your SERP visibility and get better results from your overall digital marketing strategy.

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