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Top 5 Creative Marketing Techniques That B2Bs Can Not Miss On in 2021

Earlier, marketing was practised to rocket sales of products/services. Over time, marketers realised that brands need to understand the emotions and create curiosity among the viewers. They understood how important it is to create an impact on the viewer than just simply promoting.  This gave rise to the introduction of creative marketing. As the name suggests it act as an amplifier in digital marketing services that helps in fulfilling the basic objectives. Indeed, it is one way to wrap commoditized products into an inspiring experience. The various touchpoints in creative marketing include art, design, music etc. depending upon the objectives.

Today we will be taking you through the top 5 important creative marketing service practices, for business to business segment. Marketers can make use of these methods for creating an effective digital marketing strategy.

  1. Create Content That People Want To Read

We have often heard marketers emphasizing on “Content Is King” and it still holds significance. One needs to create content that people are searching for. It could be as simple as a solution for their day to day problems or anything.

One needs to have a keen observation to identify what people are talking about. But how do we know about them? As a digital marketer, one must spend quality time in research.

This becomes the foundation on which you could build the rest of the structure. Your primary research may include crawling through different websites and understanding how they are working and create quality/ branded content based on your industry and keyword research, etc. These content could be either a blog post/an article on your website or value-adding short-form videos/posts on your social media pages. It is a known fact that around 80% of B2B Marketing is practiced through long-format content.

  1. Visuals that are impactful

Your designs play a pivotal role in creative marketing. It is all about grabbing the attention of the right people. Using colours that align with your brand, its objectives will surely help in reaching your target audience. Taking you through the 5 elements of a perfect design:

  • Using bright and bold colours helps in pulling attention as colours are the first thing that attracts our eyeballs.
  • Using graphical elements or icons to explain concepts makes the feed organised.
  • A combination of infographics, charts and GIFs would avoid a monotonous look.
  • Begin using pre-made social media templates to make the feed visually appealing.
  • Lastly, try to create a brand/design guideline for every brand and follow the pattern.
  1. Chatbots 

The way consumers use websites has changed dramatically. They need answers to their questions in one click. A well-developed chatbot feature assists the consumer with every little knowledge related to the brand and other services 24*7. Here are three tips while creating a chatbot.

  • The objective of chatbots is to provide personalized messages. Address the consumer and keep it interactive by using his/her name.  It will make the other party feel at home. 
  • Design plays an important role. Make it user-friendly with proper text formatting, high-resolution pictures etc.
  • Link your chatbot with the proper software to avoid any grammatical errors.
  1. 1:1 Video Marketing

Video forms an integral part in creative marketing and there is a growing popularity among major players in the market. These types of videos help in attracting target accounts through personalized video messages once the visitor visits your homepage. This creates an intimate connection with the user and ensures transparency. 

  1. Guest Blogging

Many a time, people fail to realise the potential that this feature holds. Whether it is accepting or submitting guest posts, it is essential to research it in detail. While accepting, make sure the content looks relevant, original, plagiarized free and grammatically correct, preferably branded content which will be a value-adding aspect to the reader works more.

While submitting make sure you are putting your time and effort in searching the best website where you get results Adding proper backlinks and hyperlinks helps in driving traffic. Thus, guest blogging is an essential part of creative marketing. 

In conclusion, creative marketing can make or break any digital marketing strategy. To retain audience and to attract the new prospects, it is important to make optimal use of various mediums that will help you gain better ROI. The 4P Solutions, a creative digital marketing agency in Mumbai have been practising best creative techniques that fulfil client requirements,  Want to know more about us? Kindly send an email at