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Extensive Guide For Every Business To Convert Potential Leads Into Successful Deals in 2021

The term ‘Digital Marketing’ was coined for the first time in the year 1990. But we are not unfamiliar with the fact that the information on the web back then, was just shareable. The marketers were unassertive about optimally using the available digital platforms; if their strategies would work since the internet had not yet seen widespread deployment. It was only in 1993, the first-ever clickable banner went live.

Since then, marketers started exploring the untapped segment and thus witnessed a breakthrough in its functioning. Over the years, digital marketing became an important aspect of expanding company horizons in terms of business scope. While chalking out a digital marketing strategy, marketers try to address the primary challenges and come up with a plan that would help in improving the conversion rate. A well-planned lead generation message/video highlighting the FAB (Features/Attributes/Benefits) factors that will help in creating a great impact of brand on customers’ mind, placing the brand as a thought leader in that particular domain.

“Making your prospects feel like they have an exclusive membership in a club makes lead generation a positive customer experience.”

 – Eric Bower 

Would you like to learn a few practical methods to run your business effectively using Online Lead Generation Strategy?

  1.  Search Engine Optimization 

If an individual is facing a problem, he/she try different ways to resolve the issue, where they may try to find their answers on Google. If you are a business that understands and have an answer ready with you, you may play your card at this point. This is when Search Engine Optimization comes into the picture. Reaching the right audience, at the right time will give you an upper hand and place you/your enterprise as a market player. 

  1. Lead Generating Website

Most professional service providing websites are not designed to generate leads.  These websites are usually technical, firm-centric and are filled with business jargons which could be passive to a great extent.  Lead generation forms are a source of understanding your visitors and their issues. In this way, one could effectively optimize the website with content that people are looking for. 

  1.  White Papers or E-Books

White Papers is considered to be the most common yet the most effective method in generating qualified online leads. It ensures credibility. You can then offer these white papers on your website either in a free format or under some subscription/registration. White papers are a great way of giving pay-per-click offers e-book is nothing but the variation to the white paper which is typically longer than the white papers but serves the same purpose. E-books definitely help in establishing one or B2B businesses as a thought leader and build a reputation among others.

  1. E-newsletter

E-newsletters offer high-quality and educational content which can generate a significant number of new leads when people sign up and e-newsletters are a great way to nurture the existing leads on the list. Many firms also use e-newsletters as a source to announce their new services and make specific offers. To build a strong subscriber list, offer a free e-newsletter subscription. The better the content, the more people will read it and share it with others who find it helpful. 

  1. Blogging

Blogs are not a proven method to attract more leads directly but are an effective way to drive traffic to one’s website. A blog allows us to create heavy keyword laden content that can help in showing up on different search engines. Without a consistent blog posting, all the SEO efforts would go in vain.  Blogging is thus an essential part of your digital marketing strategy. 
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