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Strategies for B2B marketing automation

The use of marketing automation is spreading to virtually all aspects of digital marketing. Known as a very valuable tool, it can help customers generate, manage, and close new leads. Small and mid-sized businesses can benefit greatly from B2B marketing automation consulting by changing the way they do business overnight.

Newcomers to marketing automation may find it difficult to comprehend the benefits and scope of the technology. With marketing automation, you can automate tasks that would otherwise have to be handled manually using software and digital tools. 

B2B marketing automation is able to handle tasks that otherwise would have been overlooked or would have taken a long time to complete if handled manually. With so many leading search engine marketing services in Mumbai, you can get quality marketing automation services to boost your business growth. 

Here are a few marketing automation strategies for B2B that you can use:

  • Automated Website Live Chat

Having the option to ask questions and receive immediate answers on your website can help you capture leads you otherwise would lose. You just need a person to keep an eye on your live chat throughout the day and interact with your customers. 

However, hiring someone to do this manually is not a viable option for a long time due to a lack of resources. 

With tools like, you can give your customers an automated way to interact with your company, connect with customer support representatives and learn more about your business and product. 

  • Email marketing and lead nurturing 

Did you know that 96 per cent of website visitors aren’t ready to buy? 

How do you ensure that a new lead becomes a customer once they enter your system? 

Usually, this requires a lot of email correspondence and multiple phone calls for companies that handle this process by hand. 

Most of this process can be handled through automated email correspondence, with qualified sales leads only passed over to the team at the right time. Through email sequences, marketing automation informs and educates your leads, building rapport while delivering value.

  • Social Media Automation & Scheduling 

One of the most common examples of marketing automation is social media automation. Social Media was one of the first marketing automation strategies to make its way into mainstream digital marketing. 

A large percentage of your social media tasks can be automated, even though some conversations will always need to be handled by a real person. 

You can easily automate tasks like sharing content, thanking new followers, or sharing posts from partners. Many top social media marketing agencies in Mumbai offer social media automation services. 

  • Segmentation & customer profiling

For a successful B2B business, segmenting leads according to their activity, engagement, and other shared characteristics is highly recommended. As a result, you will be able to send more relevant messages and have a higher level of engagement. 

Businesses can save a lot of time by automating list management with automation software as it offers dynamic segmentation. You can automate workflows to move contacts to specific lists based on web pages visited, email engagement, etc.  

  • Campaigns across multiple channels

You can maximise campaign reach and brand awareness by triggering relevant automated communications across different channels. Focus on mastering one channel at a time if you’re just getting started with marketing automation like email nurture campaigns. 

Try a multi-channel approach once you’re more comfortable-and if your marketing automation software supports multi-channel marketing. As the name implies, multichannel automation targets lead across multiple touchpoints during the buyer journey. 

A combination of email or SMS might be used, as well as retargeting ads on social media sites like LinkedIn or direct mail. 

Discover which marketing channels work best for your target audience by experimenting. You can partner with a branding & marketing agency in Mumbai to explore the benefits of using multi-channel marketing using marketing automation. 

  • Automation is the future of marketing

In the future, marketing automation will be a huge part of digital marketing for both small and large companies. The best decision you can make for your digital marketing efforts might be to hire marketing automation consulting. This will help you implement marketing automation solutions into your business practices.

At The 4P Solutions , we use the power of marketing automation to increase conversions and grow revenue through multi-channel campaigns. 

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