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Promoting Your Mobile App Through Digital Marketing.

Ever since websites like WordPress and Medium gained precedence in giving more building power to non-coders, Progressive Web App (PWA) and Native App builders are rising on the digital market. 

With the introduction of Open-Source software such as Siberian CMS, apps can be built for cheap, without compromising on functionality. While this means that digital stores will have a wide range to choose from, it also means that mobile apps will be a dime a dozen. 

This will lead to increased competition in the market and higher bounce rates due to ‘Choice Overload’.

If you are a mobile app vendor who doesn’t want to get clouded by the vast number of fellow competitors, it is necessary to market your project the right way. Be it PWAs or native builds for e-commerce, community platforms, etc., using the fundamental digital marketing methods effectively can prove to be a godsend.

5 Ways to Promote Your App 

  1. Get Social

A Social Media Campaign on each major channel, or at least the channels that fit your demographic, is a crucial step in creating a brand identity. An active and updated social media presence tells the customers that your app is constantly going through upgrades and changes, with new features that you can showcase to a global audience.

Machine learning and AI integration in marketing modules such as Google Ads App Campaign have led to better targeting of advertisements. You have the freedom to choose your own strategy, bid on popular ad spots such as SERPs, and get clear insights on your ROI.

The scanning capabilities of mobile phones have facilitated the way for seamless offline to online transition with the help of QR codes. This transforms even print media to act as a hyperlink. Setting up online communities and dedicated blogs are also observed as a method to retain an audience.

  1. Reach for five stars

The rating system in app stores is your best friend if used well, and your worst enemy if neglected. While a few good reviews can boost your rank, low ratings have the potential to stunt your growth. 

Communication with the users becomes of utmost importance. Listening to complaints and initiating a mediation dialogue helps alleviate grievances, in turn giving time to introduce patch updates. Keeping faith in the user base should always be the priority to ensure a lucrative retention rate.

  1. Know your user

A neat data sheet containing user experiences can motivate a thorough analysis of your app model. Dedicated survey platform Google Opinion Rewards dolls out Google Play/ PayPal credit in exchange for completing surveys. 

This can tremendously reduce the efforts needed to funnel users into filling surveys. Integrated surveys can be masterfully melded into the user interface, giving real-time data of a live user base. 

Social media can be used to make surveys more fun and interactive by using Instagram opinion polls, tweets, and comments.

  1. The Big Reveal

Application publishing platforms provide a separate space for alpha release. Module vendors can view and interact with the initial stages of the app and stay connected with investors or technical experts. 

The following release can be published for beta testers to help dent out the kinks in the module. Platforms like BetaTesting community and BetaFamily can bring together freelancers with a wide variety of experiences to provide critical feedback for your application. 

Early access can follow this stage with a small user base to test the app’s stability. Your final rollout will be a culmination of all these stages.

Throughout the production, development, and finalization of the app, you can keep your targeted audience engaged by posting developmental challenges, the solutions applied, and maybe even a candid interaction with the vendors.

Finally, it goes without saying that the absence of a digital presence, especially for a mobile app, can be harmful to its growth. In order for your app to find its way to the top of its industry, the above four foundation stones must be laid. 

To accommodate the constantly changing versions of apps, a dynamic digital marketing plan is a must. It has the power to boost the reach of your mobile app and provide you with a solid ROI. 
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