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Digital Marketing Trends For Small Businesses in 2022

Gone are the days when people read newspapers and magazines, as the internet has entwined with everything we do. People spend most of their time on phones, and engaging with them over their phones seems like the best option. The ever-evolving digital landscape, with the influx of newer, more diverse consumers, is an opportunity that must be grasped.

Digital marketing refers to marketing done through digital channels such as search engine websites, social media, email marketing, and mobile apps. Generally speaking, digital advertising strategies are not only more quantifiable and effective than traditional advertising methods, but they are also more economical.

Digital marketing is highly recommended for small businesses, as it is not only cheaper than traditional marketing in the long run but also provides better results.

Also, digital marketing helps small businesses in increasing engagement, measuring results, broadening their reach, and so much more. Small businesses need to create an extensive online presence that will help them convert their followers into potential customers.

Digital Marketing Trends Small Business Owners Must Follow for 2022

  1. Video Content

Videos are one of the best ways to explain to the customer about the product. While searching for content, 70% of the customers prefer videos; it helps them understand products much better. 

Sales increase when the customer understands the product. In recent years, huge companies such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch have all offered options for businesses to stream content, live or otherwise.

Video content is easy to produce on Social Media Marketing platforms, with applications such as Instagram reels and stories, Facebook stories, and Youtube Shorts. These short-form videos produce high reach in a small period of time. 

Youtube is a great free video uploading platform, with an average viewership of one billion hours per day. Uploading videos to YouTube that target common search terms can be a good way to get your business on the first page of Google. That’s because Google includes YouTube videos at the top of its results page. 

Webinars work like a charm while communicating directly with potential consumers.

They can be used to respond to particular queries buyers may have about your product or to educate the audience about your industry. It is also an essential part of client retention.

  1. Content Marketing 

Content is King; we all know that, but what we don’t know is that simplicity and clarity are most necessary. When digital marketing was new, not every business adopted it. Fast forward to the present, an online digital presence is a necessity for a business to grow.

Consumers are constantly served with enormous amounts of information. This leads to an overload of choice and inquiries end up not converting into any leads. The solution to this is making customers understand their own needs for your product.

Along with delivering simple and informative content, the content should be unique and action-driven.

For example, a vendor marketing for a skincare product should work on creating and identifying the demand. Upon discovering the challenges, pitch them why your skincare product delivers better, faster, safer results. Incomplete and poorly presented content can lead to a low retention rate.

Searches using the term “now” or “today” have increased by 150%. This requires constant updating of content in relation to the current times

  1. Dynamic Creative Optimisation:

With the planned phase-out of third-party cookies in 2022, smaller businesses are finding it difficult to acquire user data, perform traffic analysis, and boost ad placement.

A simple solution is the use of programmatic media, by focusing on better SEO applications and using privacy-protecting APIs. A Dynamic Creative Optimisation process is a system based on trust and transparency between the consumer and supplier.

  1. Google My Business:

Expecting an estimated rise of 22% in location-based searches, every business must now have a Google My Business profile. A detailed, optimized, and crisp profile will ensure to funnel traffic into a more professional, conversion-oriented listing on search engines.

A customized profile with a higher visibility rate has better chances to appear on the Search Engine Results Page. Enabling your business with location coordinates helps in optimizing ‘near me’ searches on Google Maps.

  1. Boost personalization:

Personalized content is an excellent method to keep in touch with customers. Presenting material to consumers based on their personalities including gender, sex, orientation, race, and nationality is a powerful approach to demonstrate the convincing power of the business.

It creates a sense of belonging for the customer and will create a great experience for them. Small businesses are more likely to build brand loyalty when they boost personalization. Also, it is a way to show the customers that you care.

  1. Review Management:

Reviews are a way for customers to know other consumer experiences before actually purchasing the product. A small business has the advantage of maintaining healthy relations with customers, urging them to review your services. 

This is an easy way to mine customer loyalty, gather important feedback, and nurture an honest atmosphere for prospective customers. Google’s ban of review gating makes the reviews more trustworthy, by filtering anonymous, spam, and false reviews.

Studying customer reviews helps a great deal in knowing what your customers need. Many times, customers also suggest favorable solutions. Having a low customer response time drastically pushes your visibility on search engines.

Small businesses shouldn’t underestimate the growing popularity of social media and digital marketing. Are you struggling to establish an online presence? Are you losing your customers to your competitors? 

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