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How Digital Marketing Can Help Manufacturers Survive During COVID-19?

The global crisis of COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted all types of businesses both – big and small. This is especially evident for businesses in the manufacturing sector that are facing crucial operational challenges over the last one and half years. Most had to cut down on production or close their unit altogether. 

In a scenario like this, manufacturers are actively looking for alternatives that can help to maintain their business despite COVID-19. For example, effectively marketing your business through different digital mediums will not only help your business to sustain these tough times but also help for future success. 

If you are into the manufacturing business – having an online presence is no longer an option for you! It is a necessity with which digital marketing can help. There are many ways of using digital advertising strategies that can help you to stay relevant in the pandemic-hit market. 

Why is Digital Marketing so Important for Manufacturers?

  • Switch to the ‘New Normal’

Your manufacturing business can benefit to a great extent from online marketing and help you adapt to the world of ‘new normal’. In a pandemic market, doing online business is the new normal. Digital marketing can help your business to establish an online footprint and make it easier for your customer to find you and research your brand. Any interested customer would want to check your website, social profiles, or read testimonials about your products and if they don’t find your presence anywhere they might think you are not in the business. 

  • Find New Customers 

With the help of digital advertising platforms, it is possible to reach a global audience with no geographical boundaries. You can reach out to them with attractive landing pages, capture lead information, share with them details about your products and do much more to attract prospects and convert them into assured customers. 

  • Establish Brand Credibility 

A relevant and updated digital presence that is backed with authentic testimonials goes a long way in establishing strong brand credibility. Given there are hundreds of manufacturers competing with you, what you do to gain your customer’s trust is all that matters. 

To ensure your digital marketing efforts are successful, you need to identify the right channels to market your brand. Learn about the top 3 channels your manufacturing business can leverage digital marketing tactics to stay relevant in a pandemic-hit market.

  • Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the most effective digital platforms to build and expand your online presence. You can use social channels to promote your products, build online communities, interact with your customers, share relevant content (blogs, infographics, mailers), take feedback, engage influencers and much more. Since manufacturing belongs to the business-to-business sector, you can focus more on Facebook and LinkedIn followed by Instagram and other sites. 

  • Content Marketing 

Content is the backbone of all your inbound marketing efforts. Content marketing is all about creating and sharing content that is likely to interest and engage your prospects. It can be through social media posts, blogs, LinkedIn articles, case studies, white papers, product videos, infographics. Present your content more in an informational way that is high-quality and click-worthy and not with the only intention of selling your products. 

  • Email Marketing 

Email marketing is a very powerful tool for connecting with the right audience as it is quick and direct. For most B2B business owners, email is one of the most important mediums as having a well-thought strategy is a key to ensure you make the most of your marketing efforts. To make your campaign successful, it is essential to segment your subscriber list according to which stage they are in the buyer’s journey. With this you can send them personalized messages on the basis of their interest to build an excellent relationship with them. 

To survive and sustain your manufacturing business during this pandemic scenario, you need to be proactive and updated with the current marketing trends. If you are finding it difficult to stay afloat in these tough market times and looking to invest in digital marketing for manufacturing business, then let us help you get started. To know more about our services, reach us at