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Delivering Value: How Our B2B Digital Marketing Solutions Drive Brand ROI


The goal of every business is to earn revenue. In today’s digital-centric world, an effective B2B marketing solution helps achieve this goal. 

The nature of B2B buyers is chaining rapidly. According to research, 74% of B2B buyers will spend over half of their research time online. This proves that as a B2B business, you need to buckle up and get ready to capture the attention of your target audience to drive more sales. 

Every business is unique and challenging. The expertise of a B2B marketing agency lies in the ability to create custom solutions. The 4P solutions can help you navigate the complex landscape of B2B marketing and create a marketing strategy that can drive your brand ROI.

In this article, we will define brand ROI and discuss our top five digital marketing strategies that assist our clients in achieving positive ROI.

What is brand ROI?

Every business’s primary goal is to generate revenue. Return on Investment (ROI) compares the money spent on the campaign and the revenue generated from it. It’s an essential tool for understanding a brand campaign’s effectiveness.

What is the importance of ROI in digital marketing practices?

ROI is one of the main ways to measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing practices. Here are a few reasons to establish the importance of brand ROI

  • Justify marketing spends
  • Distribute the marketing budget appropriately
  • Identify the right mix of marketing campaigns that work for your brand
  • Gauge the success of your campaign
  • Establish better goals

Our 5 B2B digital marketing solution to drive brand ROI

  • SEO: The initial step of getting revenue would be getting traffic on your page. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a long-term digital strategy to improve your brand’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) and drive qualified traffic with high conversion chances. To maximize your ROI with SEO, you need to search and target the right keyword that your target audience may use to search for your product or service and focus on conversion optimization. Besides this, backlinking your brand authority and providing unique informational content can build trust and engage users better. As an expert B2B creative agency, we also leverage AI-powered SEO to give a more personalized experience to your customers. 
  • Content Marketing: Content marketing is focused on creating and sharing unique content that offers value to your audience. Effective content marketing that drives ROI is about grasping your audience intent and aligning your content strategy. You can better understand your audience’s intent by using Google’s people ask feature and exploring questions on SERP around your service or product.
  • PPC: Pay per Click (PPC) is a popular advertising solution where advertisers pay when users click on their ad. Like SEO, thorough keyword research can help drive better ROI through PPC. Besides focusing on making your ad attractive, with our website-building experts, we also create landing pages with effective UI/UX for further nurturing your leads and increasing the chance of conversion. 
  • SMM:  Social media is a source for purchasing decisions of 84% of B2B executives. Social media marketing is the practice of connecting with your customers via varied social media platforms. To improve your brand ROI with SMM, you should identify the right platform and develop a strategy that resonates better with your audience. You can use customer segmentation to devise a tailored approach for each platform. 4 in 5 B2B leads from social media come through LinkedIn. So, leverage Linkedin and other social media channels in your SMM channel. At 4P, we emphasize LinkedIn marketing, especially if lead generation is your brand’s goal.
  • Email marketing: Email marketing is one of the oldest and most effective marketing forms that send targeted emails to customers. According to the Neilson study, email marketing has an ROI of 675% compared to other significant methods. It’s an excellent strategy for repeat business and customer retention. Two out of three marketers use this channel to distribute content. Though it is not as shiny as new-age marketing channels, it is still one of the most effective marketing channels to engage personally with your potential clients. 

Effective practices to drive brand ROI through these marketing channels:

  • Industry and competitive analysis
  • Using data analytics to curate a data-informed digital strategy
  • Studying audience touchpoints  and customer journey
  • Personalizing your approach
  • Conversion optimization 
  • Understanding industry trends
  • Measuring ROI at each step of the sales funnel and marrying sales with marketing goals
  • Measuring the performance using performance metrics and Optimizing digital campaigns 

How can we help you drive Brand ROI ?

Navigating the ever-changing digital marketing landscape and successfully turning potential leads into customers has many challenges. To address this issue, 4P Solutions, India’s leading B2B digital marketing agency, provides multi-channel digital marketing solutions that can help drive your ROI.

  • Our expert digital marketing team can help you reach your marketing goals effectively, from SEO to SMM.
  • As one of Mumbai’s leading marketing companies, we can deliver creative and tailored digital solutions according to your needs.
  • Our expert team goes above and beyond to make your brand’s digital goals successful.

To schedule a free expert consultation, call us at 892860945 today. 


What is an optimal B2B ROI?

Optimal B2B variations will vary by industry, based on your product or service, competitors, and objective. Generally, a 5:1 ROI is regarded as good. However, ROI can vary significantly based on the size of your firm and the price of your product/service.

What is ROI optimization?

ROI optimisation ensures that every rupee spent on digital advertising yields a greater return. To maximise ROI, all of your marketing initiatives must be personalised to the audience’s behaviour and the platform being utilised. To get the most out of your digital marketing efforts, you should also have a well-defined aim in mind.

How to increase email marketing ROI?

An effective way to increase email marketing ROI is by creating unique content with an attractive CTA. Tracking and testing email before sending it out to your customers is essential. Furthermore, you can improve ROI by ensuring that your email is not just sale driven but provides information/education to your clients.

What digital technique offers the highest ROI?

Email marketing is said to be the most effective digital marketing technique for driving ROI. It is cost-effective compared to other marketing channels. It is also easier to track ROI in email marketing compared to other marketing channels. Moreover, by using marketing automation in emails, the email marketing process can be simplified.

What is ROI in B2B marketing?

ROI (Returns on investment) in B2B marketing is a measurement of the amount earned relative to the amount spent on marketing efforts. You can pretty straightforwardly measure ROI by dividing the profit from marketing by the total spend on those activities.