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Our lives took a 360-degree turn in the year 2020, after the outbreak of Covid-19 and we witnessed a considerate amount of change, be it education or work culture. We could have two sets of opinions on this aspect. Nevertheless, this year has helped to re-evaluate between black and white and helped to face challenging times with a smile.

When it comes to digital marketing for interior designers, it’s a common belief that it would help in getting quick results. Hence, we would like to throw some light on the most common yet popular misconceptions that revolve around digital marketing-

  1. “I own a small business, digital marketing is of no help.”

As a startup/small business, it is advisable to get visibility in your neighbourhood and SEO would help in getting ranked at ground level. With proper research and efficient investing in digital marketing, one can tap new markets. It is estimated that over 21% of small businesses in India are said to have started with SEO to enable visibility in the year 2020.

  1. “I have created a website which acts sufficient for my business goals”.

Most often we have heard entrepreneurs saying how less important is to spend a penny on digital marketing and they are happy with the current company website. Your company’s website authenticates your business and its services. Having a non-functional website, developed for the sake of it would not meet or help achieve business goals. Nearly 29% of Indian small businesses are said to have invested in website development in the same year. Keeping the website updated with the company’s latest news and services would result in website traffic. With good SEM and SEO practices, one can generate businesses through the website.

  1. “Criticism of my business on social media would averse the business environment”. 

Social media has become an important tool which could make or break any business. We cannot stress enough on this point as there’s a small group of entrepreneurs who believe that negative feedback would hinder their business and would result in losing potential clients in the future. But it is said that in the year 2020, there is a possibility that almost 70% of small businesses have started using social media for branding. 

It is true, one cannot run away from getting negative comments, but addressing genuine complaints and following up with the redressal and improving the quality of services will definitely help in combating harsh criticisms to a great extent and eventually it helps in making your business stand out among the competitors. 

Being in an industry which functions on absolute dynamism especially for interior design companies, it comes as an unsaid rule to upgrade themselves with the trends and make the utmost use of various promotional strategies to close a profitable deal while spending minimum.

It came as a surprise when it was estimated that only around 17%  of interior designers used social media as a part of their marketing strategy as the rest 83% still believes ‘word of mouth’ works better for them. But considering the transformation in the industry one has to find different mediums to brand their product/services and convey unbiased thoughts.  

If you are an interior designer or an interior design company, here are the various effective mediums in 2020 that will help you to project your brand name in the industry:

  • Website Building

If you are an interior designer, having a website will help your audience to learn about your business and services that you provide anytime and anywhere, at their comfort. Your website would work for 24/7. Staying offline would result in losing your potential customers. It is important to keep updating the website with your recent projects, clients, video testimonials as 73% they are more powerful as compared to other formats. Mobile-friendly websites are impactful as around 70% website traffic comes from mobile devices.

  • Blogging

If you are into architecture and interior designing, then creating a blog will be a good idea. You could simply talk about designs, trends and updates in the industry, adding value to the readers and plugging in your products/ services. This could be a great medium for finding new customers. According to a study, around 86% of B2B Marketers agree that blogs and articles help in lead generation.

  • Video Marketing

83% of B2B marketers claim that video has become a powerful tool in digital marketing. Including mobile-friendly videos in your marketing strategy would get your more unique visits than expected. Around 46% of the consumers are millennials and are assumed to use content via smartphones. Hence, this would increase the reach and visibility of your services.

  • LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is the best social media tool which helps you to connect with professionals who share similar interests. It is a great place to showcase your views through a simple static post or an article sharing ideas and points which would open a discussion. Maintaining your posts with relevant hashtags, joining various groups, getting recommendations on your wall together would help grow your business organically. 65% of B2B Marketers believe that running  Linkedin paid ads would get you more customers easily.

  • Instagram Marketing

A platform which was initially started for fun purpose until building a network for business, Instagram has witnessed a major shift in its functioning and objectives. Consistent posting and using inbuilt tools with relevant hashtags helps in more visibility. Also, 50% of queries are generated through smartphones.

In conclusion, social media marketing has thus become an integral part of marketing today.

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