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How To Write Headlines That Sell

Every minute, a tremendous amount of content is added on the internet and more gets added to it with each passing day. Did you know that whether it’s a blog post, article, or an ad, 80% of the readers don’t go past the headline of your content?  If you want your users to become your potential leads, it is very crucial to set yourself apart and write a headline that converts. 

We can’t emphasize more on the importance of headlines while writing any content. There are many ways to write a headline, but only some of them manage to leave the user craving for more. After analyzing various types of headings and their performance over time, here are some ways to write headlines that sell:

Invoke Curiosity Within The Reader

Write headlines that make your readers curious about your content and draw them in to read more. Try adding some mystery to your headlines by using vague yet catchy sentences. Writing your heading in such a way that it promises the reader some useful and relevant information is an effective way for readers to more likely open your post.

Example headline: The Secret About Brewing Coffee, That No One Will Tell You.

Guide Readers With ‘How-To’ Articles

People keep on looking for and learning new things over the internet, and what they need is a well-detailed guide. Starting your headings with ‘How-to’, assures your readers that they are going to learn something worthy, and hence they should ‘read more.’

Example: How To Use Facebook To Get Leads?

Tell A Story With Your Headline

Telling a story through your headline not only offers a sense of credibility to the article but also generates curiosity within your readers. When you tell a story, it adds a personal touch, and people want to know more about the same.

Example: Here’s How This Millionaire Boy From India Built His Empire From Scratch. 

  • Create A Sense Of Urgency

People are interested in opportunities from which they can benefit. By creating a sense of urgency in your headline, you are more likely to draw their attention, as no one wants to miss out on something great. These kinds of headlines best work for promotional copies and emails. 

Example: 60% off on your favorite products, only for 60 minutes!

  • Get Straight To the Point

Quirky headlines attract readers more effectively but where actual content which provides value is concerned, then nothing beats crisp and clear headlines that communicate directly to the reader. Craft your headlines in such a way that lets the reader know what to expect.

Example: Posting Creative Stories On Instagram Has Never Been So Easy

  • Numbered Lists aka Listicles

Numbered lists or ‘listicles’ are one of the most popular types of posts that grab the attention of the readers. Such posts appeal to the readers and do well because they seem systematic and are definite. 

Example: 5 Ways To Win Your Boss Without Being Obvious


A headline can make or break your content. Great headlines always interest the readers and it leaves them wanting more. While there is no single type of heading that performs the best, the ones mentioned in our blog here work well. Hence, next time when you wish to write a headline that sells, make sure to check if it comes under any of the above types.

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