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Using Social Media Effectively: Do’s and Don’ts

Social media has become a space for companies to market themselves as brands. And they are taking it very seriously. But from time to time, there have been slip-ups, and the companies have learned from their mistakes. Whatever these mistakes are, make sure you are not following them for your social media marketing strategy. In this article, we will list down some of the do’s and don’ts of social media marketing.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the process of creating content to be shared on social media platforms, like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, in order to promote a product or service. It is a powerful tool that can be used to reach out to potential customers, increase brand awareness, and generate sales.

Every social media marketing needs a strong strategy too. A social media strategy is a detailed list of content that has to be followed or posted on social media platforms. Social media strategy differs from brand to brand. No two brands can utilise the same strategy.

A good social media strategy needs to consider the goals of a brand and what target audience the content is created for. Now that we have an understanding of Social Media Marketing, let us look at the do’s and don’ts.

Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing

  • Do Set a Clear Goal and Purpose 

A successful social media strategy only works if you have set clear goals and purpose for the campaign. You have to keep your audience, their interests and liking in mind while creating the strategy.

  • Don’t Take Unnecessary Shortcuts 

If you want to succeed, you have to climb each step one at a time. There’s no magic gateway to the top. Same way on social media, you can create your brand credibility by understanding the target audience and delivering what they like. Followers should be gained organically. Bought followers don’t account for the engagement and just remain numbers on the profile page.

  • Do Write the Right Content for Your Audience 

Promoting your products and services on your social media page is one thing, but to continuously push sales related content is tiring even for your audience to watch. So do the right thing, diversify the content you offer. You can provide educational posts that talk about the industry, brand, or a certain aspect of it.

  • Don’t Use Too Many Hashtags 

Some people often think that having too many hashtags directly helps in increasing reach and awareness. But it is not true. Though hashtags help in making your post reach out to your target audience, using excessive would only harm you. 

Instagram has a set limit that allows you to add only 30 hashtags. If you add more, the caption along with the hashtags would disappear. Use only 7-10 relevant hashtags that actually make sense.

  • Do Always Have Something To Share 

This point may sound silly but it is true. You have to have something or the other going up on your social media channels as frequently as possible. If you have nothing to share, you will be invisible to your target audience. 

Blogs are the best way to reach people. You can write relevant content that interests them and compels them to visit the website and share the blog ahead with others.

  • Don’t Steal 

No, we are not talking about stealing someone’s money; we are talking about stealing their intellectual property, like photos, videos, music, etc. There are consequences for using someone else’s property without their permission. We have seen many brands go under just to pay off the fine for using unlicensed images. Be smart, invest in stock photos and videos, or simply make your own.

  • Do Be Unique and Engaging 

Creating original content that is unique to your brand is key to making your audience engage with it. You have to create content that they will like and want to see more of. Even if you are a B2B brand, you can still make engaging and unique content, all you have to do is research and understand your audience.

  • Don’t Forget Proofreading 

We have seen this happen countless times, you miss a single preposition and the meaning of the whole sentence changes. Sometimes writers may miss a thing or two, but social media team has to be on point. They must proofread the document or the post and then move ahead with posting it.


Social Media Marketing is a really tricky subject. It may seem simple but one mistake can cost you your brand reputation and place in the digital space. 

These do’s and don’ts are a for sure way of avoiding that from happening, but is there something else you could do? Is there an Instagram marketing agency that can handle my brand’s social media marketing? 

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