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Beginner’s Guide for Website Maintenance

Website maintenance doesn’t only engage a large audience and attract more traffic, but also helps to build a better image for your company amongst the competitors.

Let’s learn how site maintenance can be done and its importance in B2B businesses.

Understand ‘website maintenance’

The process of keeping your website up to date, so that it could be easily accessible by your audience on the internet is known as website maintenance. It helps in sustaining a healthy relationship between the user and your business.

To increase the performance of your website on Google, it’s important to conduct timely testing to find out issues and fix them accordingly.

However, this process does not require daily attention and time – a routine check-up every 3 to 5 weeks is more than enough to understand the status of your website’s performance.

It’s important to have a website maintenance plan

As much as you may feel inclined to do it yourself, it’s important to hire professionals to maintain your website for you.

Importance of website maintenance

  1. Online research plays an important role in attracting your clients

Are you aware of the fact that, before making a purchase of a product or service, 87% of the buyers go online to explore their options?

People who are considering buying your product or service will likely end up on your website, and a poorly maintained website could cost you business.

2. It’s important to make the right first impression

First impressions matter, and your website is often the first interaction of your business with your customer. If your website doesn’t operate smoothly or looks outdated – your potential clients will often switch away.

3. Your website is a great tool to increase your sales

Your business website acts as a tool in guiding your potential customers towards making a final purchase. Site visitors value user experience – if a visitor has a poor experience on your website, 89% will switch to a competitor instead.

Regular maintenance prevents these poor user experiences and encourages potential customers to stay on your site, increasing your chances of making a sale.

4. Security is a crucial factor in website maintenance

Cyberattacks cost companies a huge amount of money every year. It diminishes your brand image and loses customers as well, resulting in a notable loss of potential business.

Customers would no longer trust your company with their personal information. Therefore, proper maintenance helps safeguard your site from cyber threats by keeping your security system up to date.

Basic website maintenance practices that you can do yourself

  1. Renewal Of Your Domain

For creating a website, a domain is required for your website address. There is a monthly & yearly renewable cost and you can select the right plan for your needs.

2. SSL Certificate

SSL certificate is as crucial as domain renewal, because not only does it ensure safety for your site, but also guarantees a visitor a safe experience.

This certificate will protect your sensitive information securely without the involvement of any third party.

The easiest way to recognize whether the site has the SSL certificate or not is by looking at the URL – if it starts with an ‘https’, it’s secured with SSL, and if not, it will show as ‘http’.

It’s important to set reminders for renewing your SSL certificate.

3. Website Hosting

Website hosting is seen as another significant expense of website maintenance that can’t be ignored.

You have two options – you can host the website on your own server, or purchase a plan from a hosting provider.

Focus on the following areas while analyzing your website health

Page load Time: Ensure that all pages on the website load fast, without displaying any errors.

Update plugins: Keep updating the plugins and software that are used on your website. Be sure to remove spam comments, if any, from your blog posts or other pages.

Check broken links: Check each page to ensure that there is no broken link on the website.

Check URL errors: Ensure that there is no 404 error present on your site – if there are any, fix them immediately.

Take regular backups: It’s good practice to maintain website backups periodically, to protect yourself from future website crashes and cyberattacks.

Your Website Maintenance Checklist

  • Examine & test the entire website
  • Test Checkout procedure(for e-commerce websites)
  • Examine CTAs
  • Fix Bugs
  • Update security
  • Renewal of domain names
  • Annually examine backups
  • Annually test the browser compatibility
  • Update contact details
  • Legal disclaimers should be reviewed

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