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Buzil Rossari

Increase in organic reach to more than 250% in the first 3 months.


Like most manufacturing companies in India, Buzil Rossari never had any set goals to be achieved from their Digital Marketing initiatives. Not having seen any major success stories in the Digital space for their specialty chemicals industry was one of the major reasons for the same. Also the previous teams who tried to work on their online marketing campaigns mostly had experiences of handling brands in the space of fashion, food and beverage and other such domains. In the absence of the right execution partner it led to nothing but a complete failure of any digital marketing initiatives which the marketing department of Buzil Rossari tried coming up with.

Our Approach

Create Client Avatars

After they signed up with The 4P Solutions, we came up with different “client avatars” while kick starting the Digital Marketing strategy for Buzil Rossari

Identify customer needs

Different segments, that is hospitality industry, healthcare industry, facility management companies had different needs and hence one campaign fits all certainly wouldn’t work.

Digital 2.0 plan

After talking to some of their key customers, distributors and other stake holders as a part of primary research, the Buzil Rossari Digital 2.0 was chalked out.

Channels chosen

Organic search, LinkedIn marketing, Facebook and Instagram marketing and Emailer campaigns were rolled out in the subsequent weeks keeping in mind the different “client avatars”.



The organic reach had an increase of more than 250% in the first 3 months itself.

The paid campaigns starting yielding 12x the ROI on the media spend by the 6th month.

The organic search queries for bulk inquiries averaged to 42 by the end of 9 months.

Overall by the end of first year there was a huge spike in the sales of Buzil Rossari products across their key markets, and digital marketing played a key role in this achievement.

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