About the Company

A 32-acre gated community project located in Shrivardhan, Maharashtra, Punir Gaurav Developers offers one-of-a-kind beach club properties at an affordable price. They offer studio apartments, bungalow plots, row houses, and one-bedroom apartments.


1 Lack of awareness about the location - Shrivardhan

2 Need for promoting the concept of ‘second homes’ or 'vacation homes'

3 Generating leads and interest for second home and studio apartment in a location which is not very popular

4 Reaching out and engaging the right target audience

Our Approach

After having a deep understanding of the brand and its challenges, it was clear to us that Calibre needed a completely revamped Digital Marketing plan. The comprehensive strategy made by The 4P Solutions took the long-term approach to establishing Calibre as a thought leader in the marketplace. To begin with,

1 Adopted location-based segmentation & targeting strategy to generate quality leads & conversions

2 Social media channels and Google search was optimized to generate the optimum engagement

3 Effective marketing of project walkthroughs that resulted in a lot of site-visit and inquiries

4 Drone shots of the entire gated community project and live customer testimonials were displayed on social media channels

5 Youtube platform was used to promote project videos, live events and project launches

The Result

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keywords of the targeted keywords rank on page 1 of Search Engine Result page
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qualified leads generated till date
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Instagram and Facebook impressions so far


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