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How To Optimize Your Social Media Campaign Like A Pro?

Social media has fundamentally changed the way we interact in our daily lives. Everything we want to read, buy, sell, search or research today begins by punching in a few keywords on Google or scrolling down our Instagram and Facebook feeds. In a world that is predominantly ruled by social media, it is evident for brands and marketers to use this platform and build meaningful connections with their audience for promoting their products and services. 

So what is social media marketing in the first place? 

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to create content tailored to the audience on each platform and drive user engagement. Research by the Global WebIndex states that nearly 53.6 % of the global population uses social media with the average use being 2 hours and 25 minutes. Furthermore, the annual US Digital Trends Report 2021 released by social media management company Hootsuite reveals that 4.2 billion of the world’s population are now active social media users indicating a drastic increase of 490 million (13.2%) compared to January 2020. 

With these massive figures, no business can afford to miss out on social media to connect with their audience in 2021. Most businesses begin with building a social media presence but do not work on optimizing it. A well-planned and optimized social media campaign helps you to: 

  • Strengthen your brand presence 
  • Increase your visibility online 
  • Connect with the right audience 
  • Generate leads and boost conversion

Like every marketing, social media campaign too requires deep knowledge about your audience and customized strategies in order to be effective for your business.  

Here are 6 key steps you must follow to optimize your social media campaign like a pro: 

Know Your Audience

Every social media platform has a different set of audience with varied likes and interests. Before launching any social media campaign, you first need to understand the dynamics of how each social platform functions and be familiar with the buyer persona of your target customer. Gaining audience insights will help you to create more personalized and relevant content according to each platform and ensure your audience engage with your brand.

Decide Your Goals 

Once you have identified your audience, the next step is to define the goals of your campaign. Majorly there are two main goals every social media campaign – build brand awareness and drive conversions. If you are looking for brand awareness, you need to focus more on positioning yourself as a thought leader in your space and build familiarity with your brand across all social networks. 

Optimize Your Strategy 

To optimize your campaign, you need to have a clear social media strategy strategy with defined goals and objectives. While you set up your strategy you must ensure that your goals solves pain-points and adds value with engaging content. Set timelines for your targets to track, measure and improve your campaign efforts. 

Build a Strong Profile 

The social media profiles of your brand is the identity of your business. Creating a social media profile seems pretty simple but optimizing it is where the trick lies. You should treat the profile pages of your brand as the foundation to ace your social media campaign. To make a strong profile, you must fill your profile completely, use your brand logo in your profile photo, use your brand name in the user name, clearly state about your brand in the bio. Facebook and LinkedIn allows a lot of space for you to enter in detail about your business. So go ahead, make the most of it to stand out amongst your competitors. 

Leverage the Power of Content 

You probably have heard it many times – ‘content is king’, now it is time to implement it. It is not possible to optimize any social media campaign and achieve great results without paying keen attention to what content you are posting. Ideally your social media campaign should have a content strategy that is a mix of original and curated content. This helps you to post at regular intervals and keep your audience engaged while you promote your products and also provide information to them. 

Use Video Marketing 

In the digital world of social media, every user looks for interactive audio visual content than mere words. Video is one of the most essential tips to optimize your social media campaign as it is more engaging, quick, authentic and compelling to persuade the users to make an action. It is the most current trend in digital marketing and is an integral part of not just You Tube but every social media platform. It encourages social shares and boosts conversion significantly. 

The Takeaway 

Social media is constantly evolving and ever-changing with new trends every few minutes, which is why you need to continually evaluate your campaign performance. Use good social media tools to track and review all attribution metrics and keep working on your campaigns according to the same. 

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