About the Company

The Caliber group has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of Iodine Derivatives, Persulphates & Perchlorates worldwide for over three decades. From aerospace to food, pharmaceuticals to electronics, Calibre serves a multitude of industries and continuously invests in creating capabilities that allow it to serve over 1000 customers located around the world seamlessly.


1 Lack of effective digital presence

2 Need to enhance their export activities

3 Not having an updated website to display different product verticals

4 No engagement activity done on LinkedIn

Our Approach

After having a deep understanding of the brand and its challenges, it was clear to us that Calibre needed a completely revamped Digital Marketing plan. The comprehensive strategy made by The 4P Solutions took the long-term approach to establishing Calibre as a thought leader in the marketplace. To begin with,

1 A full-stack website was developed.

2 Since Calibre caters to International markets, a 'schedule a meeting' tab was created to let customers reach them at any time, irrespective of time zones.

3 In addition, product offerings & industries they cater to was also highlighted on the website’s home page.

4 LinkedIn being the most widely used Social Media channel for B2B, an effective LinkedIn Marketing plan was created

5 To optimize the new website for Search Engine Optimization [SEO], an SEO audit and keyword research was done

The Result

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increase in website traffic
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rise in Linkedln impressions
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increase in Facebook reach due to paid campaigns


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