Campaign Objectives

Despite a strong market in the South Asian countries (SAARC), Buzil Rossari was nowhere in the digital space. The challenge was to craft a Digital Marketing plan to establish a robust digital presence for Buzil Rossari. 

Our Approach

Client Avatars

Our tried-and-tested ‘Client Avatars’ came to the rescue while formulating the plan for Buzil Rossari’s Digital Marketing efforts.

Identifying Core Needs

We replaced the company’s generic one-size-fits-all marketing approach with our precise industry-specific targeting methodology.

The Buzil Rossari Digital 2.0

After studying critical insights from conversations held with customers, distributors, and stakeholders, The 4P Solutions launched the Buzil Rossari Digital 2.0.

Diversifying Marketing Channels

From LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram Marketing to organic search and emailer campaigns, we gradually established Buzil Rossari as a specialty chemicals leader in the digital space.


12x the ROI in 6 months

250% spike in online reach in the first 3 months

42 bulk inquiries in 9 months

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