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- Possesses the knack to easily spout words about topics he/she is not familiar with
- Can focus like the mythological hero, Arjuna
- Craves editing, editing and more editing
- Can change tones and styles like a chameleon adapts to a ever changing environment
- Churn out high quality content at lightning fast speeds (ok..that's a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the idea)
- Can bring his/her unique voice, a different perspective and throw new light on an overworked subject?

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- Are you a people's person?
- Is patience your forte?
- Are you a proactive problem solver?
- Do you have kick-ass communication skills?
- 'We have two ears and one mouth'; are these words that you live by?
- Do you like setting goals/targets & achieving them?
- Can you negotiate and manage projects like Warren Buffett (Ok, we see it! We have a tendency of exaggerating)

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